Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Vote NO to ALL judges, especially,“Eugene Milton PREMO”, “Patricia Bamattre MANOUKIAN” and “Miguel MARQUEZ”

Nov. 4, 2014 Election

These justices have shamed the office. They play games, internal politics favoring and covering up for their brethren lower court judges. In fact, Manoukian is the wife of the lower court Judge Socrates Manoukian, whose name on google generates countless hits of fraud, ‘investigate the judge”, etc.

Next, Manoukian should not be even in the same district which reviews the rulings of that district’s lower court judges, including those of her husband. Even if Patricia does not participate in the appellate review, is would be unrealistic and naïve to presume that her fellow justices are not influenced with her co-presence in the same floor/location, that reviews her husband’s rulings.

Some of the above have committed perjury by signing monthly false salary affidavits under oath and penalty of perjury, as required pursuant to California Constitution, Article VI, Section 19 and Govt. Code §68210, certifying that they have no cause submitted over 90 days, when in reality they do. “A judge of a court of record may not receive the salary for the judicial office held by the judge while any cause before the judge remains pending and undetermined for 90 days after it has been submitted for decision”.

Next, unlike the U.S. Supreme Court where it is common, there has never been a dissenting opinion issued by Sixth District Appellate Court, which raises doubts as to the quality of work, or any work at all, put in by the above justices. Typically an appellate review requires three-judge review, which never takes place as required by law.

The above justices get their $200,000+ salary by doing nothing but relying on their legal research attorneys’ without taking the pains to read the appellate record, and to rule according to the state enacted law. In one case, Premo’s opinion cited the wrong brief, proving that he based his opinion on the wrong non-operative pleading. When the error was pointed out, Premo was too proud to correct it. The three justices simply rubber stamp and follow the leader like a pied piper.

These justices are not interested in ruling on law and facts, but rather on playing favorites to the lower court judge or partisan party favor. They tout the statistics of how many appellate filings/cases they disposed off in a given period vs. the quality of those disposals, mainly dismissals without a meritorious review.

If these justices want their salaries without doing the work, and bring dishonor to the office, then it is time to fire them.


Eugene Milton Premo         

Patricia Bammatre Manoukian   

Miguel Marquez